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International Marconi Day - 2009 at Sandford Mill

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Marconi's Birthday was on the 25th April & the Cornish Radio Amateur Club, (CRAC) GB4IMD arrange International Marconi Day as the nearest Saturday to his birthday - so this year it was on the Saturday, 25th so there was no error!

CARS provided the now traditional HF SSB station in the 2MT Marconi Hut on SSB while the "upstairs station" was nearly exclusively using the Key with Tony, G4YTG's Transmitter & Receiver.

Additionally, Mark Sanderson, M0IEO kindly brought his caravan complete with a fold-out tent and communications centre to provide a stack of VHF equipment to enable members of the public to hear quality Amateur Radio transmissions on FM.

Last year the whole of April, the day was warm (over 70 degreesF - 20+C) but this year it was forecast to be rain in the morning, clearing to blue skies in the afternoon - this proved to be a bit pesermistic with no rain but a chilly wind in a bluse sky.

CARS as a Society operate as a "team" - the Aerial Erection Team put up the many aerials on Thursday & Friday.

This year Chelmsford Borough Concil arranged Sandford Mill to be Open to the Public from 10am to 5pm.   "Friends of the Museum" organised Car Parking, Teas and provided Members to Staff many of the exhibits in the building. By 10am BST when the Public turned up, everthing was in full swing.

IMD 2009
Car parking all neatly organised by Friends of the Museum.
Photographs by John, G8DET

IMD 2009

Mark Sanderson, M0IEO standing outside hos caravan tent.

IMD 2009
Kenneth, G0OSI having spent part of the morning on "Gate Duty" now showing off his personalised Tea Shirt.
He thought it would be a nice and simple job to make a unique Tea Shirt so he printed off a design on his home computer & transfered it to the Tea Shirt. Having put it on he realised he had missed the "d" from Sandford Mill. "Oh bother" or words to that effect & so he did another - printed correctly but ironed on "up side down".
Third time lucky - thanks Ken for your effort & your support at IMD.

Behind Ken can be seen the off-air CARS Web Site on Charles, G0GJS Monitor.

IMD 2009
New display of equipment in the Marconi Hut - a 1154 RAF TX can be seen.

IMD 2009
Chris, G0IPU on the microphone with Vice Chairman, G1EFL Logging in the Marconi Hut.

IMD 2009 IMD 2009
Michael, G0MOB photographing Peter Lurkins who designed the digital display in the Marconi Marine Apollo equipment he is looking at.

IMD 2009
Doug Rands, M5SST from Harlow signing the Visitor's Book.   Doug had just used the new Lift installed at Sandford Mill for disabled persons to go to the first floor.   Unfortunately his 2Metre Handheld had a flat battery & we did not have a charger.
Nice to see you Doug & thanks for coming.

IMD 2009 IMD 2009
Radio Sport Manager,Steve, G4ZUL (left), Gwyn, G4FKH on the Key and Peter, G4OAD looking on.
Looking the other way, Vice President, Charles, G0GJS (left) looking on while Peter has a swig of tea.
Tony. G4YTG set up his station with a Linear in the Office of Dr Bowles - thank you Geoff for arranging that for us.

IMD 2009
Two young visitors (with Dad looking on) as they type their name on Morse with Colin, G0TRM In-Charge.

IMD 2009

Another view of the Morse Station with Geoff, G7KLV In-charge.

IMD 2009
Another view of the Morse Station.

IMD 2009
                Belinda standing outside the VHF/UHF Caravan.

IMD 2009
Change of Operators in The Hut.

IMD 2009

Michael O'Beirne, G8MOB who writes for the Radio Bygones Magazine taking a great interest in the Marconi CR200.

IMD 2009
The CR200.

IMD 2009
Hok Ming Cheung phoning his mates who designed & Installed the Marconi H1041, 1kWatt TX.

IMS 2009
One of the PCBs in the H1041.

IMD 2009

Andrew Kersey, G0IBN on the Key in the CW Station.

IMD 2009
Change of Operators.

IMD 2009
Final change of Operators.

A very good day - Thank you Dr Bowles for allowing CARS to operate from the site.

We now only QSL on request - Please send your QSL cards, preferably via the RSGB Bureau - Patrick, M0XAP is the QSL Manager.

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