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International Marconi Day - 2010


Marconi's Birthday was on the 25th April 1874 and the Cornish Radio Amateur Club, (CRAC) GB4IMD arrange International Marconi Day as the nearest Saturday to his birthday - so this year it was on the Saturday, 24th.

IMD 2010 Advert This year Chelmsford Borough Concil arranged Sandford Mill to be Open to the Public from 10am to 5pm.

The advert displayed in the local weekly newspapers.

CARS as a Society operate as a "team" - the Aerial Erection Team tested the 80 Metre Aerial over the water and tuned the support pole to 14MHz on Tuesday, 20th - thanks Brian, G3CVI & Tony, G4YTG.

"Friends of the Museum" organised Car Parking, Teas and provided Members to Staff many of the exhibits in the building. By 10am BST when the Public turned up, everthing was in full swing.

During the first weeks of April this year - there was snow about but IMD proved better with blue skies for the whole day but a slight chilly wind.

Geoff, G7KLV provided a vintage wiresless at the entrance to set the theme for the day.

The 1936 to 1948 Murphy Wireless in the entrance hall at Sandford Mill Museum.
Photographs taken by John G8DET.

He then showed a number of vintage wirelesses from Sandford Mill's collection and some on donation.
Starting with the famous Lancaster Bomber Marconi T1154 and R1155.

Marconi 1154 Transmitter and 1155 Receiver.
Photograph by John, G8DET with Norman, M0FZW's camera.

The two rows of vintage wireless receivers
Photographs by Murray, G6JYB

Beautifully built reproduction of a Tuner - look at the quality of the brass contacts

CARS provided the now traditional HF SSB station in the 2MT Marconi Hut on SSB with the Call-sign GX0MWT under the guidance of Brian, G3CVI and made over 100 contacts.

The Marconi 2MT Hut - Group of CARS Members
Photograph by John, G8DET using Norman, M0FZW's camera

Adrian Soane, M0ABY logging, (all the way from St Albans), Brian, G3CVI looking on with Ken Pallant, G0OSI on the microphone.
Photographs by Murray, G6JYB

Oliver Prin, M0WAG logging with Denis Lewis, M0FHA on the microphone.

Ken Pallant G0OSI logging for Bob Tokley G4MDB on the microphone.
The "upstairs station" was exclusively CW on 14MHz with the Call-sign GB5HF under the guidance of Gwyn, G4FKH and they made over 200 contacts.

IMD 2010
Terry, G3GLL operating Morse Code using Call-sign GB5HF
Photographs by Murray, G6JYB

Terry brought a car full of valves after seeing the request in the CARS May Newsletter for valves to assist keeping Colosus going at Bletchley Park.
CARS President, Harry took them the next day - well received.
Thank you Terry.

IMD 2010
Part of the boxes of valves donated by Terry, G3GLL.

IMD 2010
807 Valves - note the "English" valve is made in the USA & the "American" valve is
made in England!   Both valves are now with Bletchley Park.

Mark, M0IEO unfortunately had a business appointment so John, G8DET provided the garden gazebo and Martyn, G1EFL provided the VHF/UHF station.   The Danbury Repeater was used extensively – even as a “talk-in station” with Bob, G4MDB on the microphone.   The gazebo sported CARS new banner obtained at short notice by Martyn, G1EFL – well done.

IMD 2010
The VHF Gazebo with John, G8DET (mic), Martyn, G1EFL and David M0BQC
IMD 2009

John, G8DET on the microphone, David, M0BQC and Colin, G0TRM.
Photograph by Martyn, G1EFL using Colin's camera.

IMD 2010
Norman relaxing having adjusted the settings of the VHF radio.

Colin G0TRM displayed his vast Morse collection and also giving his very popular demonstration of his 100 year old automatic mechanical Morse transmission and reception system.   The help from Peter, M0ZBU and Richard Meadows, M0SBU and from Ken Pallant, G0OSI was much appreciated.

Geoff, G7KLV spent many hours arranging a display of Broadcast Receivers through the ages demonstrating their development from 1920’s Crystal Sets to the very latest DAB Radios.   Some hitherto unseen artefacts from the Museum store as well as examples from private collections were also on view.

It was nice to see Dr Geoff Bowles and Trish on duty and hear Adrian, M0ABY on the microphone (all the way from St Albans).

Thanks to the many CARS Members who turned up to operate, log, host and support this event.

The Friends of Chelmsford Museums provided Hosts and refreshments - 308 Visitors were logged by the gatekeeper.

A very good day - Thank you Dr Bowles for allowing CARS to operate from the site.

We now only QSL on request - Please send your QSL cards, preferably via the RSGB Bureau - Patrick, M0XAP is the QSL Manager.

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