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International Marconi Day - 2011 at Sandford Mill

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Marconi's Birthday was on the 25th April 1874 & the Cornish Radio Amateur Club, (CRAC) GB4IMD normally arrange International Marconi Day as the nearest Saturday to his birthday - however this year is coincided with the Bank Holiday so it was moved back a week to the 30th April.

CARS as a Society operate as a "team" - the Aerial Erection Team tested the 80 Metre Aerial over the water for the SSB Aerial while Tony, G4YTG built, erected and tested a 14MHz Dipole over Dr Bowles's Office for use by the CW team.

"Friends of the Museum" organised Car Parking, Teas and provided Members to Staff many of the exhibits in the building. At 9.30am BST when the first members of the Public turned up, everthing was just getting going for formal opening at 10.00.

April this year was one of the driest and hottest for 350 years - it was a very nice day for IMD.

International Marconi Day - Saturday 30th April 2011

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) celebrated International Marconi Day with transmissions from the 2MT Marconi Hut, Science & Industry Museum, Sandford Mill, Chelmsford used for the first broadcasts in the early 1920s.

Copy of the advert by courtesy of Chelmsford Borough Council & Dr Geoff Bowles, Keeper of the Science and Industry Museum.
Nearly 600 members of the public attended.

Ofcom have granted the use of GB100MWT for this event and to celebrate a number of Marconi centenary events during 2011.

CARS operated a CW Station on the 14MHz Band with 270 Contacts and a SSB Station on the 7MHz Band with 110 Contacts from Sandford Mill Museum.

Gwyn Williams, G4FKH tuning up the CW Transmitter

The Marconi T1154 and R1155 taken by Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY, the owner,
being operated by Lawrie Atkinson, G4FAA at the Croydon Airport open day.

As well as the HF CW on the 14MHz Band and SSB on the 7MHz Band they were also calling “CQ” using AM from a vintage Marconi 1154 Transmitter and listening on a Marconi 1155 Receiver.   If the distant station could not transmit using AM (preferred) CARS did switch the BFO on and received a SSB signal (just a few contacts like this).

A page full of AM Contacts was acheived - thanks to all who responded.

The preferred frequency was 3.60 - 3.65MHz +/- QRM.   A QSL Card will be issued on request.

The Aerial for this Vintage Station was fittingly a G5RV as Louis Varney, G5RV was a Founder Member of CARS in 1936.

Tony, G4YTG shooting a line over the steel support mast for the G5RV Aerial.
Clive, M0GHH is holding the fine initial line - this is replaced with heavier later.
Mark, M0IEO's lovely fibreglass guyed pole can be seen in the distance.

The G5RV in position and tested.

Contact with any CARS station will be eligible for points towards the Cornish IMD Award (GB4IMD).

As well as the wireless stations, Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV and Colin Page, G0TRM demonstrated Mechanical Morse using 100 year old equipment.   This went down well with junior operators (4 to 90 years old).

Ex Marconi employee, Tim Wander was on-site to present two talks on Marconi about his newly published books, first at 11am and the second at 2pm in The Barn Lecture Room.
Tim wrote his first book in 1988 and was a sell-out; this is his second book with a third on the stocks.
Plenty of people rammed themselves into the Lecture Room and listened to two an interesting presentations.

Friends of the Museum have been busy over the Winter months and had on display many new items.

Description of the 1900s Ship's Wireless Room.

The 1900s Ship's Wireless Room.
Note the Magnetic Detector on the wall.

Description of the 1920s Ship's Wireless Room.

The 1920s Ship's Wireless Room.

The Barn was filled with "Sound" and "Telegraphy Experiments" for the usual children aged 4 to 90 years provided by the Museum Staff.

The Museum was open to the public from 10am-5pm on Saturday 30th April, entry and car parking was free.

The postcode for SatNavs was CM2 6NY.

Peter Baker of the Essex Chronicle provided a very good report - see below.

Dr Geoff Bowles, Peter Watkins and CARS CW Expert, Gwyn Williams, G4FKH.
Reproduced courtesy of Essex Chronicle, Chelmsford.

It was nice to see Dr Geoff Bowles and Trish on duty and hear Adrian, M0ABY on the microphone (all the way from St Albans).

Thanks to the many CARS Members who turned up to operate, log, host and support this event.

The Friends of Chelmsford Museums provided Hosts and refreshments - nearly 600 Visitors were logged by the gatekeeper.

A very good day - Thank you Dr Bowles for allowing CARS to operate from the site.

We now only QSL on request - Please send your QSL cards, preferably via the RSGB Bureau - Patrick, M0XAP is the QSL Manager.

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