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International Marconi Day - 2012 at Sandford Mill

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Marconi's Birthday was on the 25th April 1874 & the Cornish Radio Amateur Club, (CRAC) GB4IMD normally arrange International Marconi Day as the nearest Saturday to his birthday so this year it was the 21st April.

CARS as a Society operate as a "team" - the Aerial Erection Team tested the 80 Metre Aerial over the water for the SSB Aerial while Tony, G4YTG built, erected and tested a 14MHz Dipole over Dr Bowles's Office for use by the CW team.

"Friends of the Museum" organised Car Parking, Teas and provided Members to Staff many of the exhibits in the building. At 9.30am BST when the first members of the Public turned up, everthing was just getting going for formal opening at 10.00.

Sandford Mill for International Marconi Day using Special Event Station GB100MWT
Golf Bravo 100 Marconi's Wireless Telegraph.

April GB100MWT
Poster reproducted by permission of Dr Bowles.
Gwyn Williams, G4FKH operated a CW Station upstairs in Dr Bowles outer office and Brian Thwaites, G3CVI operated SSB from the Marconi Hut.

CARS Special Call-Sign GB100MWT allocated by Ofcom for the year was used to remind the World that all equipment used in the rescue of the 705 persons was designed and manufactured in Chelmsford.
One must not also forget the large number of Marconi trained Wireless Operators involved directly and indirectly on English, French and German ships as well as the shore stations at Cape Ray, Cape Race and New York.

Colin, G0TRM had his famous Morse tape transmission equipment in use which some of it is 100 years old.     Youngsters love typing their message and seeing it printed out - they are often given a Certificate.

Sandford Mill was open to the public FREE OF CHARGE from 10am to 5pm with lots to see and for children to play with.

The new book written by Tim Wander, G6GUX "Marconi's New Street Works, 1912 - 2012" was on sale.   A number of CARS Members and Marconi Veterans feature in it.

Tim lectured in the Barn all day to the delight of the many persons who jammed the room to listen to him.

Thanks to the many CARS Members who turned up to operate, log, host and support this event.

The Friends of Chelmsford Museums provided Hosts and refreshments - nearly 600 Visitors were logged by the gatekeeper.

A very good day - Thank you Dr Bowles for allowing CARS to operate from the site.

We now only QSL on request - Please send your QSL cards, preferably via the RSGB Bureau - Patrick, M0XAP is the QSL Manager.

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