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2007 National Field Day

NFD, June 2007

National Field Day - 2/3 June 2007 was CARS first NFD Contest for a number of years. Thanks to Contest Manager, Steve G4ZUL, CARS had registered in the Restricted Section of this Contest.

Saturday, June 2nd, was bright & clear and a large number of CARS Members turned up at Sandford Mill Museum to assist installing the tents and aerial in the grounds.

Video #1 - 15min

Video #2 - Operating G0MWT/P - 5min

Our thanks to Steve G4ZUL for filming the above

Setting Up

First job, put the tents up
3 photos by John, G8DET

A Double Size G5RV Aerial was selected & here Tony, G4YTG is using his bow & arrow to shoot a line over a conveniently placed oak tree. This large aerial was intended to overcome the low Sunspot cycle which contributes to poor propagation conditions.

Colin assisting with the aerial at the Popular Tree end.

Denis, M0FHA
Two photos Colin G0TRM

Generator arriving & being brought out of the
car with Jeremy M0DUT & John G8DET

Patrick M0XAP with the important job of
removing nettles to prevent further stings!

Generator in position & running showing 250 Volts when on load


With the generator and the Club's FT747 in position for testing
Photo by Colin

Gwyn, G4FKH testing the above set-up.
Unfortunately it was found that there was so much RF around,
the plastic case let it in and it "hung" on transmit.

Whilst the testing was going on, Harry G5HF was busy
preparing the domestic tent which was equipped with a
stove and everything to live for a month in comfort!
Photo by Colin

Harry & Ethel with the team behind watching Andrew, G0IBN commission his IC756


Andrew G0IBN operating the IC756 which has a
steel case and immune to stray RF
5 photos by Steve G4ZUL

Terence G3GLL operating

Gwyn G4FKH operating

Mark Haynes M0DXR operating. Mark has previously been invited to
operate from the Antarctic - we could see why - he was very good!

Gwyn G4FKH operating during the night

Sunday was hot and clear as well. Here the team are outside the operating tent:-
Contest Manager Steve G4ZUL; Andrew G0IBN; John G8DET; Jeremy M0DUT & Patrick M0XAP
Photo by Colin

Clearing Up

The worst part - clearing up!
Steve (left) and Gwyn winding up the long aerial. One tent has already been taken down & packed away
3 photos by John

Nearly cleared away.
Our thanks to Dr Geoff Bowles of the Science & Industry
Museum for kind permission to use the site and
unlocking/locking up after us.

The generator used about 30 litres of petrol in the 30 hours it ran. The next day it was given an oil change to be ready for the next outing.

Our thanks to everyone who took part and helped including those captured on film above plus David M0BQC, Carl G3PEM & Clive King M3HTD who somehow missed the shutter. We also thank Andrew G0IBN for bringing his IC756 & computer.

A good team effort by CARS.

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