Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

2008 National Field Day

NFD, June 2008

Saturday 7th June was a bit "iffy" weather wise but a large number of CARS Members turned up to assist installing the tents and aerial. For the first time the new CARS "NAAFI" Tent was erected under command of Ethel. Colin, G0TRM had the job of colour coding the many interconnecting rods to aid erection the next time.

Bringing the stores on-site, Gwyn G4FKH ahead of Ethel
Photo by Colin, G0TRM

A Large Dipole Aerial was erected alongside the canal using trees as supports. The Sun Spot low cycle was still low and contributed to poor propagation conditions (as it did previous years).

Operating tent with the new "NAAFI" tent in the distance
Photo by Steve G4ZUL

CARS erecting and operating persons

Operating tent with equipment installed.
Note the fan heater to provide a base load on the generator & prevent "hunting". The heat is appreciated during the night hours but not when it is hot during the day.
Photo by Steve G4ZUL

Andrew (right) and Tony looking at the aerial SWR figure
Photo by Colin G0TRM

                                        NAAFI Tent
                        Remainder of the photographs by Steve G4ZUL

Gwyn G4FKH operating.

                            Andrew G0IBN operating.

Steve G4ZUL operating

                        Rick G3YEC deep in concentration.

Another angle of Rick G3YEC.

                                  Carl G3PEM operating.

Our thanks to everyone who took part and helped including those captured on film above those who missed having their photographs taken.

A good team effort by CARS.

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