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2009 National Field Day

NFD, June 2009

A Pre-National Field Day had been proposed in April but for a number of good reasons was called off, so when June arrived it was a case of "it had to work". Tony, G4YTG got VERY wet putting up the aerial halyards on the previous Friday but he had need not bothered as they were stolen during the night!

However he managed it in time for National Field Day which dawned bright and clear, but a Weather Alert was in force for the next night so it was decided to put up the generator Gazebo with a tarpaulin over it and a NAAFI Tent of traditional style as the very large CARS tent would leak.

Bringing the stores on-site
Chairman John, G8DET standing by the generator Gazebo with tarpaulin tied over it.
Photo by Colin, G0TRM

NAAFI tent with Martyn, G1EFL who erected it.
NAAFI tent with Martyn, G1EFL who erected it.
Photo by John, G8DET

A large Full 160 Metre Dipole aerial was erected alongside the canal using trees as supports - built by Terence Green, G3GLL - it worked extremely well.   The Sun Spot low cycle was still low and contributed to poor propagation conditions (as it did previous years - will it ever improve?).

NFD 2009
Carl, G3PEM (left) and Gwyn, G4FKH operating
Photo by Colin, G0TRM

Operating tent

              Operating tent with CARS Members looking on.

2009 NFD
Martyn posing for the camera (right) with John, G8DET adjusting his glasses.

All the Lottery Equipment
All the equipment purchased with the Lottery Award
(except Gwyn's food tin!).

Andrew operating solo
Andrew, G0IBN operating solo.

During the early hours of Sunday morning the rain came down by the bucket full.   The generator and the Operating tent held OK but the NAAFI tent let the water in.   It was a very good job the generator was so well protected.

Operating condition improved and CARS scored more points than in 2008.
NFD Team plus helpers

                            NFD Team plus helpers.

The generator used about 30 litres of petrol in the 30 hours it ran.
The next day it was given an oil change to be ready for the next outing.

Our thanks to Dr Geoff Bowles of the Science & Industry Museum for kind permission to use the site and unlocking/locking up after us. Our thanks also to everyone who took part and helped including those captured on film above those who missed having their photographs taken.

A good team effort by CARS.

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