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Sandford Mill Open & Science Days - 2006


Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum has a series of Open Sunday afternoons during August each year. September often features a Science Day

August Afternoons

CARS was invited to provide an Amateur Radio Station on Auguste 6th & 20th this year.

Both days were bright & dry which resulted in a good number of the public attending, approx 200 on the 6th & over 100 on the 20th. Among those who came, many (or their family) had connections with Chelmsford or Marconi or other allied industries and therefore appreciated the many displays.

The Open Days also attract visitors, often with children, who may never have realised that Chelmsford created much of the technology which people now take for granted.

On August 6th CARS provided our "usual" Radio Tx station which was visited by about 50 people. From 1400 till 1700 BST we had the satisfaction of considerable interest in the radio station operating under our club call, GX0MWT.

The band conditions were diabolical, with a general noise on all HFs of 9+20 or worse. Some of it had a manmade component that compounded the problem. The 40m band was unusable and 80m only opened after 1440 hrs when the signals gradually overcame the noise. The operators then worked 25 QSOs, all UK except one which was a dodgy ON.

Thanks for the effort and kind help especially to those folk behind the scenes who are so necessary to the success of such an event. Above Report by Brian G3CVI.

Pegrum Family on the 20th August 2006

Pegrum Family on the 20th August 2006
Pegrum Family on the 20th August 2006 with Friend of the Museum.
Photographs by John, G8DET

CARS used the usual the long-wire aerial over the water course which surrounds the Mill. This contributes enormously to the strong signal which radiates from G0MWT, however this does not completely overcome the Sun Spot Minimun (ends December 2006?) which contributed to poor propagation conditions.

Brian & Malcolm
Operating in the Marconi Hut on Sunday 20th August.
Malcolm, G4KGL logging with Brian, G3CVI on the microphone.

Malcolm on the microphone
Reversing the roles

Our transceiver is the FT847 running about 100watts output and the aerial system is an 80 metre half-wave fed in the centre with open wire feeders and an MFJ antenna tuner.

Malcolm on the microphone with Adrian logging
Malcolm G4KGL on the microphone with Adrian Soane, M0ABY (visitor) logging.
Adrian & his Wife are Members of the Hoggeston Radio Society & are involved with Duxford Radio Club.

Stan Dodd
Retired Marconi employee, Stan Dodd G0SXK, by the side of a Marconi TV Camera. Stan worked with CARS Member, Eric G8ADX.

Also attending were Peter Best G8BLS and his Wife from Ipswich. Peter was with BT in the Microwave Group, Eastern Region for many years and is known by many Amateurs.

Teas were provided by Friend of the Museum Geoff, G7KLV. Besides providing an excellent cup of tea, Geoff also acted as Chief Host and welcomed visitors as they came through the door.

Tea maker, Geoff G7KLV
Tea man & Chief Host, Geoff, G7KLV (centre) with Dr Geoff Bowles (left) relaxing after most of the guests have left.

Every event the public are invited to, the Friends of the Museum are able to provide another new display, this month it was a cabinet containing a Oscilloscope which showed the visual pattern of a radio reception which one could listen to at the same time.

Science Day - 24th September 2006

Once a year the Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum invites the public to celebrate Science Day. This year it was a fine warm day, and well over 800 people came from 10am to 5pm to participate. The Tea Room did a roaring trade.

The large hangar had many "things which went up & things which came down" much to the delight of the young and not so young children.

CARS provided a transmitting station in "The Hut" and provided plenty of interest. It was a relaxed affair with more "listeners" than stations worked.

The new ramp to "The Hut" providing an ideal place for the CARS banner.

John & Brian on the FT 748

John & Brian now joined by visitor, ex-Eastern Electricty Engineer, Theo Stanley

Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV (back to us) and Colin, G0TRM demonstrating the Morse Sender & Reader.
Geoff encouraged children to punch their name on the Morse Tape, put it in the Sender, hear it being sent to a receiver and finally punched out at the far end.

Creed Teleprinters

Geoff demonstrating the Punch
Machine - the "do gooder society rules" means
that we cannot show the young girl!

Colin G0TRM looking at the Tape Reader.

        Showing the printed tape

            Now showing Tony, G4YTG

  Dr Geoff Bowles & Friends Of The Museum

David Goodridge standing in Barge Susan.
Susan is awaiting funding to be rebuilt. It is the only wooden barge left on the canal and was built in 1953.

September Sunset
A number of lovely sunsets viewed that evening after Sandford Mill had closed.

September Sunset

September Sunset

September Sunset

September Sunset

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