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Science & Discovery Day in September 2011

7 th October 2011 Minor amendments.   Added the Science & Discovery Day photos & report.

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The Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum at Sandford Mill have invited CARS to provide live Amateur Radio Stations on the 25th September 2011 to promote Science & Discovery Day.

Science and Discovery Day
Science and Discovery Day poster

The day was forecast as being a bright start with cloud later - this prevented people from going to the beach and over 800 attended this Science & Discovery Day - a pleasing number.

Brian, G3CVI and others started off in the Marconi Hut with SSB and continued transmitting until 1.30pm.
During this time Band conditions were good and the equipment responded well.   Contacts were made with Japan, America and Italy to name but a few countries.

At 1.30pm Gwyn, G4FKH, Steve, G4ZUL and Charles, G0GJS transmitted from the Marconi Hut using CW (Morse) until the close at 5pm.
Again worked a number of excellent Countries.

Click here to download the 3 pages which describe the 1154/1155 used at this event - it is a 3MByte PDF file
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Additionally, Peter, G1FOA erected his 3 element 4m aerial and took part in the PW 4M Contest from 1pm to 5pm.

Science and Discovery Day Science and Discovery Day
Mark, M0IEO unfortunately could not attend due to family reasons so Peter, G3SUY brought his gazebo and erected it by the brick Tea Hut.   In it he provided a table and mounted on it his Marconi 1154/1155 combination connected to his 80m Dipole supported by his 60ft high fishing pole.

Science and Discovery Day Science and Discovery Day
(Left) Luke, M6LNT operating the 1154 under supervision of Peter, G3SUY.
(Right) Patrick on the mic in the Marconi Hut.

Science and Discovery Day Science and Discovery Day
Many members of the public also visited the Barn and enjoyed the professional presentation by Steve Allman's shows including The Bubble show.
(Right) Steve about to make an explosion much to the delight of the audience.

Science and Discovery Day Science and Discovery Day
(Right) Colin, G0TRM, assisted by Peter, M0ZBU and Richard M0SBU, provided the now famous Mechanical Morse demonstration display on the staging.   Peter Meadows, M0ZBU is seen here checking a message which Laura has just sent with Mother Christine looking on.
Published with kind permission of Christine.
(Left) Isabel trying out a Morse Key with her Father, Philip looking on.   Published with kind permission of Philip.

The HF band conditions were a lot better than last year - there was even reports of another Sun Spot!   The operators worked a string of QSOs, all around the UK and Europe.

Science and Discovery Day Science and Discovery Day
Gwyn, G4FKH operating the CW Station during the afternoon.   Charles, G0GJS in the white jacket is looking on with
Steve, G4ZUL in the tee shirt.   The young lady in the photos is Rhiannon and she is learning Morse.   She is Steve's daughter.

Science and Discovery Day
Visitors talking about Amateur Radio in front of the 1154/1155 gazabo.

CARS used the usual "Half-wave Doublet, centre fed Aerial on 80metres" over the water course which surrounds the Mill. This contributes enormously to the strong signal which radiates from Sandford Mill.

Thanks to Brian, G3CVI; Patrick M0XAP; Gywn, G4FKH; Steve G4ZUL; Charles G0GJS; Peter G3SUY; Peter G1FOA; Colin G0TRM; Peter and Richard M0ZBU and M0SBU for their workk and other CARS Members who attended to make the day such a success.   Thanks are also to David G3SVI and Myra M0MYR who do such a good job meeting the public and signing up new CARS Members.

It was nice to welcome so many SEARS Members and other Radio Amateurs from Black Notley and other parts of Essex.

Thanks to the Friends and Volunteers of Sandford Mill for their hospitiality Dr Geoff Bowles and Trish for their involvement.

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