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Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum - Sandford Mill
Science & Discovery Day in September 2013

11 th October 2013 Added the Science & Discovery Day photos & report.

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The Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum at Sandford Mill have invited CARS to provide live Amateur Radio Stations on the 29th September 2013 to promote Science & Discovery Day.

Science and Discovery Day
Science and Discovery Day poster

The day was forecast as being a bright start with cloud later - this prevented people from going to the beach and over 650 attended this Science & Discovery Day - a pleasing number.

The members of the public were invited - FREE - and - FREE to park.   The Barn was open with the Mad Scientist giving mind blowing demonstrations for 5 to 95 year olds at 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm.
Many hundreds of people ejoyed his demonstations.

The comprehensive Vintage Military Vehicles were again on display with knowledgeable presenters to answer questions and tell you about what is on display.

CARS at Sandford Mill CARS at Sandford Mill
Military Radios on display - the rear of the Landrover had a Creed 75 printer chuntering out messages.

CARS at Sandford Mill
More Military Radios on display - note the Marconi 1155 Rx.

Weather permitting there will be River Trips but unfortunately not free.

Morse Code demonstations were under the contol of Colin, G0TRM.

CARS at Sandford Mill
Joseph holding his Morse print-out with his Father, Robert.   Colin in the black jumper.
Thank you Robert for permission to display the photograph.

Rope Making and much, much more.

Do not forget there is a modern Lift for disabled persons.

CARS had Live Radio Demonstrations using Morse from Dr Bowles outer Office on the first floor.
Gwyn Williams and the CARS Morse Group were working the World - many young persons took an interest in the Morse QSOs.

CARS at Sandford Mill
Gwyn in deep concentration as he listens to a QSO.

The Marconi Hut was equipped with a restored Marconi 1154 Transmitter and its 1155 Receiver.

CARS at Sandford Mill CARS at Sandford Mill
Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY with his beautifully restored Marconi 1154 Transmitter and the Marconi 1155 Receiver.
Alan Boswell, G3NOQ (standing) talking to Peter with David Davis, G3SVI listening.
The orange frame behind Peter is the Direction Finding aerial end-on.

Characteristically identified by the brightly coloured control knobs, both the R1154 and T1155 soon became very famous.   Over 80,000 were manufactured and were in service from 1941 until 1950.   The transmitter was designed by Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co at the Aeronautical Laboratory at Writtle.

The design was typical of the innovation at the time and used the then new dull emitter filament technology for the two large power amplifier valves, PT15s.   The transmitter provided telegraphy and telephony with very good speech quality.   The equipment was designed during 1939/40 and brought into service quickly as a matter of extreme urgency due to the coming war.

It is generally considered there are about 6 working 1154/1155s in the UK and another 6 throughout the World.
Many persons came and saw a real piece of WWII equipment in use "On the Air" withb a few making and receiving a "Greetings Call".

Peter and CARS Members were calling "CQ" on 3.615MHz and contacts were made with Holland, Rugby, Ashdown Forest and Wales and were heard in Northern Island using only AM.   80 Metres was better than it has been but there was deep QSB.
The WWII wireless was connected to the CARS 80 Metre Doublet strung out over the Mill Pond so aiding propagation.

A CARS QSL Card is available, via the RSGB Bureau, to only those who request one.

Thanks to Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY for bringing his lovely WWII Marconi 1154/1155 equipment to Sandford Mill; Brian, G3CVI; Patrick M0XAP; Gywn, G4FKH; Steve G4ZUL; Colin G0TRM; Peter and Richard M0ZBU and M0SBU for their workk and other CARS Members who attended to make the day such a success.   Thanks are also to David G3SVI and Myra M0MYR who do such a good job meeting the public and introducing the Public to Amateur Radio.

It was nice to welcome so many TARG Members and other Radio Amateurs from Braintree and other parts of Essex.
It was also very nice the see the Vintage Military Equipment Group with the many vintage radios on display (many in working order).
Does anyone know anything about the No 17 Set?   They have aquired a couple and cannot find much about them.
Please contact CARS.

Thanks to the Friends and Volunteers of Sandford Mill and to Dr Geoff Bowles for their hospitiality.

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