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Sandford Mill - Ship Radio Room

December-2004: Ship's Radio Room - Marconi Equipment

The Friend's of Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum at Sandford Mill have created a typical ship's radio room. They were advised by Peter Watkins, a retired Ships Radio Officer. Don Manning & Geoff Lovegrove were the main "workmen" who constructed the room.

To satisfy the Health & Safety Executive, a new door had to be created, this reducing the effective space a little.

Collection of posters
Collection of posters encouraging ship's passengers to use the radio services. Interflora etc.
All pictures by John Bowen, G8DET. Captions by Charles, G0GJS.

Charles, G0GJS & Peter Watkins
"It doesn't really take two of us to tune up....."
Charles, G0GJS & Peter Watkins.

The Group
"The dream team that created the Museum Project"
From left to right. Peter Watkins, Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV with the screwdriver and Don Manning in the blue overalls.

Log of Peter's last ship
"The credentials of a maritime Radio Officer (Peter's)".

Peter at his station
Peter at his station. "The ultimate link....".

Peter on the first radio phone
Peter on one of the first radio phones. "The Captain apologizes to the Harbour Master for the hole in the wall....".

Radar set
Early radar set, typical of where it would be positioned on the Bridge.

Donald Imber Plaque
The Donald Imber plaque.

The Donald Imber Collection
The Donald Imber Collection. The bright box on the right is a Marconi DF set.

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