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11th August 2011 Minor amendments.   Added Martyn, G1EFL's trip to New Zealand.   Added Brian, G3CVI in Chelmsford.   Added Martyn in USA & Chris in France.   July added Jim, 2E0RMI & Ann Salmon in Wales.


CARS Commercial Manager, Martyn, G1EFL ordered a box of CARS Mugs which were very attractive & sold well.   Since they were purchased but Radio Amateurs around the World the idea was conceived at a Committee Meeting of trying to persuade the owners of the Mugs to have their photograph taken and to send it to CARS for a position on the Web Site.     This proved more difficult than was thought - Radio Amateurs seem quite bashful about having their photographs taken - but a few have and here they are.

New Zealand trip with a Mug - January-February 2011 by Martyn Medcalf, ZL1/G1EFL.
Departure Date 24th January 2011 Heathrow Los Angeles Auckland Christchurch - arrived in Christchurch 11.30 am 26th January 2011 (New Zealand 13 hours ahead of UK).
Places visited:- Christchurch, Dunedin, Te Anau, Milford Sound, Queenstown,

Martyn in New Zealand
Martyn, ZL1/G1EFL in New Zealand infront of Mount Cook.
Photo by Martyn's Wife, Val.

Mount Cook, Picton,

Martyn in New Zealand
Martyn, ZL1/G1EFL in New Zealand on-top of the Sky Tower in Auckland.
Photo by Martyn's Wife, Val.

Wellington, Taupo, Rotorua, Auckland, Bay of Islands.

Overall distance travelled 26894 miles.   Distance travelled in New Zealand 2365 miles.

Weather:- Coldest Dunedin 12C;   Warmest Rotorua 32C.

Martyn's Call-sign in NZ was ZL1/G1EFL Radio contacts made:- ZL1SLO Franc in Auckland ZL2ADR Andy in Wellington Departed New Zealand 23.55 NZT 14th February 2011 Auckalnd Hong Kong Heathrow - arrived back in Chelmsford 15.30 15th February 2011.

Post note.   Martyn and Val left just before the tremendous Earthquake partally destroyed Christchuch.

Lovely photograph of the Cathederal in Christchurch - unfortunately the tower was destroyed on Tuesday, 22nd February 2011.

Martyn in New Zealand
Cathederal in Christchurch before the Earthquake.
Photo by Martyn's Wife, Val.

Martyn in Guernsey
Koos, GU0GUX (left) and his Wife, Judy with Martyn, GU1EFL in Guernsey
Photo by Martyn's Wife, Val.

Chris, G0IPU in Danbury
Chris, G0IPU in Danbury, June 2008.
Photo by John, G8DET

Paul Moss Whitman in Ma, USA
Paul Moss, KB1MTW in Whitman, Ma, USA.   Paul is an Honorary Member of CARS.
Photo by his Sister.

Tony G4YTG in Danbury
Tony G4YTG in Danbury
Photo by John, G8DET

Tony G4YTG in Danbury
John, G8DET operating outside the holiday chalet in Mundesley, Norfolk in July 2008.
Photo by Pauline Bowen

Jim in Wales
This is Jim Salmon, 2E0RMI in July 2008 on top of CNICHT mountain near CROESOR in Gwynedd North Wales. This in July 2008 was the HIGHEST CARS mugs in the World! Height of 2,250 ft.
Photo by Ann Salmon

Jim in Wales
Taken a few moments later of Ann Salmon on CNICHT.
Photo by Jim, 2E0RMI, July 2008.

Martyn Medcalfd in Alcatraz, USA Martyn Medcalfd in Alcatraz, USA
Martyn Medcalf, G1EFL in Alcatraz Prison, USA, September 2008.
Photo by Val

Martyn Medcald in Alcatraz, USA
Martyn Medcalf, G1EFL at the top of the Grand Canyon.
This is , 7,123 Feet above Sea Level - Martyn is therefore claiming the "Highest Mug Record" - September 2008.
Photo by Val

Chris, G0IPU up the Eifel Tower
Chris, G0IPU up the Eifel Tower, Paris October 2008.
Chris can clain to be up the Tallest Radio Mast in the World
(at the moment!) at 884 feet, (the TX Aerial is 100 foot above Chris).
Photo by TBA

Brian in his shack
Brian in his QTH at Great Baddow, Chelmsford, 200ft ASL.
Photo by Brian, G3CVI.

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