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Intermediate Licence Course Slides

Building on our Foundation Slides, the files below were developed for the revised Intermediate Licence, and complement the 'Intermediate Licence' manual including the 2003, 2007 and 2009 syllabus revisions. Note that some slides are designed to support the practical work - such as the Soldering and Metering sets. Use of these slides is subject to our Terms of Use.

Please Refer to the Handouts Page for additional material on Operating Practice and Assessments

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1) Nature of Amateur Radio   334K
2) Safety   653K
3) Technical Basics Part 1 - Components   146K
17) Technical Basics Part 2 - AC & Impedance   170K
4) Technical Basics Part 3 - Circuits   130K
5) Operating Practice   161K
6) Transmitters   185K
7) Receivers   374K
8) Propagation   912K
9) Antennas & Feeders   173K
10) Licence Conditions   165K
11) EMC   753K
12) Soldering   106K
13) Using Multimeters   87K
14) Technical Revision   110K
15) Tx / Rx Revision   85K
16) EMC Revision   76K

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