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Note: CARS Full Exam sessions (typically in July and December) have the capacity to host Foundation and Intermediates as well - please do enquire.

Full Exam-24E
Exam: 5-Dec-2019

CARS first exam session under the new 2019 syllabus on Thu Dec-5 saw success as Willem (right) passed and is now M0LOT - pictured with new CARS Exam Secretary John O'Connell M0JOC (left)

John M0JOC with a happy Willem M0LOT

Advanced Exam-24
Exam: 30-Nov-2019

CARS final exam session under the old (pre-2019) syllabus saw great success as both Martin Harvey and Elliot Riddle (CARS Chair) passed. It also marked a very pleasing end to Peter M0PSD's time as CARS Training Manager. Elliot was 2E0JSE, now M0JBY; Martin was 2E0MNH, now M0JBV.

Elliot and Martin with Peter

Advanced Course-22R
Exam: 6-Dec-2018

The Autumn 2018 course had a record number of candidates:-


Exam night, Thu Dec-6 also included some Foundation and Intermediates, making for a packed exam session...

Exam session set up - and almost ready...

Advanced Exam-20E
Exam: 7-Dec-2017

Dec-7 was a joint session for Foundation and Advance candidates
Photo by Kristian M0SSK

Our congratulations to Advance Exam passes:
  • Adrian Moss M0MMU (with merit) who drove from Kent
  • Bob Fulcher M0IPE (Club member)
  • Emily Hanna M0UHH (daughter of club trainer Alan M0IWZ)

    Advanced Course-17P
    Duration: 23-Jun-2016 to 30-Jun-2016, Exam: 5-Jul-2016

    Exam just started

    Exam times notice board
    Photos by Murray G6JYB

    The 17th Advanced course was a new short format to prep four candidates for the July session which is aligned with the Bath distance learning course. The Tuesday exam date meant that the usual small hall was occupied, so the very spacious main hall was used.

    Advanced Course-16R
    Duration: 29-Oct-2015 to 3-Dec-2015, Exam: 7-Dec-2015

    Candidates being briefed prior to start of the exam
    Photo by Murray G6JYB

    The 16th Advanced course culminated in a triple exam session on Dec-7. Three advanced candidates were at the front (far end), with six Intermediates in the middle and one Foundation at the rear(nearest camera) to enable the earlier finishers to leave the room quietly. Signs were set up with start/stop clock images for each set of candidates

    All Foundation and Intermediates were successful and the latter can be seen here

    Congratulations to Phil Dunnicliffe M0TXL, Kristian Baker M0SSK

    Advanced Course-14R
    Duration: 27-Nov-2014 to 4-Dec-2014, Exam: 8-Dec-2014

    Advanced Course-12R Exam
    Candidates just prior to start of the exam
    Photo by Murray G6JYB

    Invigilators: David M0HBV and Kristian 2E0SSX

    The revision course included candidates from Essex and Kent - but for the exam we were joined from a candidate from near Brighton (an ~200mile round trip!)

    Congratulations to Peter Nathan M0WKW, Steve Yearley M0SJY

    Advanced Course-12R
    Duration: 24-Oct-2013 to 28-Nov-2013, Exam: 6-Dec-2013

    Advanced Course-12R Exam
    Candidates being briefed just prior to start of the exam
    Photo by Murray G6JYB

    Invigilators: David M0HBV and Glynis 2E0CUQ
    Successful candidates were: Nick M0NIB, Wayne M0WBK, Cathy M0RTW and Rob M0KCP

    Advanced Course-10R
    Duration: 25-Oct-2012 to 29-Nov-2012, Exam: 5-Dec-2012

    Advanced Course-10R Exam

    Advanced Course-10R Exam
    Getting ready for the start of the exam
    Photos by Murray G6JYB

    Invigilators: Andy Tyler G1GKN and Martyn Medcalf G1EFL
    Candidates: Graham Fearnhead (now M0HGZ) and Derek Hagan (now M0SCE)

    Advanced Course-8R
    Duration: 27-Oct-2011 to 1-Dec-2011, Exam: 5-Dec-2011

    Advanced Course-8R Class
    Candidates after their exam
    Photo by Mark M0IEO

    Advanced Course-7R
    Duration: 28-Oct-2010 to 18-Nov-2010, Exam: 22-Nov-2010

    Advanced Course-7R Class
    Candidates after their exam at St Marys Gt Baddow
    Photo by Murray G6JYB

    Advanced Course-3
    Duration: 31-Aug to 30-Nov 2006, Exam: 4-Dec-2006

    Advanced Course-3 Class
    Candidates on the 2006 course being taught by Chris G0IPU
    Photo by Carl G3PEM.

    Advanced Course-2
    Duration: 8-Sep to 15-Dec 2005, 9-Jan to 27-Jan 2006, Exam: 31-Jan-2006

    Candidates on the Advanced Course
    Three of the candidates in the January 2006 revision sessions
    Photos by Trevor M5AKA.

    Candidates on the Advanced Course
    Concentrating, during the 2005 Advanced course...

    Advanced Course-1
    Duration: 2-Sep to 9-Dec 2004, Exam: 13-Dec-2004

    Three of the many Lecturers at Danbury on the 9th September, 2004.
    From left to right:- Carl G3PEM, Chris G0IPU & Murray G6JYB
    Photograph taken by John G8DET.

    Advanced Class - Sep-2004
    Class of the Advanced Course, 9th September 2004, in Danbury Village Hall.

    Many of those present were taught at earlier Courses run by the same team - the difference being that it is much more demanding for all concerned. The Syllabus was revised as a result of feedback during this pilot phase

    Class at the end of the Advanced Course, December 2004 - looks colder!

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