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Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

The Essex Towns & Villages Award


Award Criteria
The award is titled 'WORKED ESSEX TOWNS & VILLAGES' and the purpose of this award is to encourage contacts between Radio Amateurs living both inside and out of, the County of Essex.

Start Date and Time Limit
All contacts from 1st January 2016 are valid. The award shall run until the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Annual General Meeting in October 2017.

Award Classes
There are two classes of the award:

A wild card is a contact with the club call (GX0MWT) of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society; it is worth two towns. This wild card is not available to members of CARS, either past or present.

The award can be claimed for any simplex contact in any mode and any band. All contacts claimed shall be for operating from the home QTH transmitting antenna to a receiving QTH antenna. NO contacts may be claimed for ANY of: Repeater operation, cross band working, mobile, portable or internet based operations.

Full Rules and Application Process
For the full details and how to apply...

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