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Chelmsford Award - CARS Visit the Air Ambulance - 2009

15th July 2009Minor amendments - Added report & photographs of visit - April 2009


Martyn Medcalf, G1EFL conceived the idea of having a Amateur Radio Award which would promote the town of "Chelmsford, Birthplace of Radio" throughout the World and provide money for the Essex Air Ambulance.   This resulted in the production of "The Chelmsford Award".

41 Award Certificates were issued Worldwide and money was raised for the Air Ambulance.

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Air Ambulance
Martyn, G1EFL (left) holding the cheque with Nezda and CARS Chairman, John G8DET.
Photograph by Colin, G0TRM using the camera of Martyn, G1EFL

The formal hand-over of the cheque was scheduled for Monday, 27th April at Boreham Airfield.   The day proved to be windy and wet and as we made our way to the airfield we passed through 2 quite severe storms - just what you do not need on an open airfield.

Follow the story below:-

We were instructed to assemble at the security gate and await an escourt and as we waited Brian, G3CVI spotted the Air Ambulance landing.

Air Ambulance Air Ambulance
Entrance to Boreham Airfield.
The words on the plaque are: -
"We Salute and Commemorate the Courage of our Gallant Allies of the
American Army Air Force who flew out againt the enemy from this
Essex Airfield, 1941 - 1945.
Photographs by John, G8DET

Ms Nezda Leigh, Community Fundraising Co-ordinator escorted our car convoy into the airfield and we saw the helicopter parked on it's apron.

Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance parked on it's apron.

We were ushered into the Control Room & introduced to Paramedic Mr Steve Dennehy.
After a chat and the rain had lessened a little we went outside for the photo opportunity and to pass over the CARS cheque.

Air Ambulance
Nezda talking to Colin, G0TRM and receiving the cheque from Martyn, G1EFL.
Both Steve & Nezda are wearing CARS Caps given to them by Martyn.

Air Ambulance
Colin, G0TRM (left) holding a typical Chelmsford Award Certificate
while Steve and Martyn are holding an enlarged copy of the cheque, produced by Murray, G6JYB.

The Air Ambulance had just come back from a trip to Hertford as their helicopter had developed an oil leak.
The Essex Air Ambulance is funded entirely from public subscription. It often makes 4 trips a day and the maximum has been 13 - phew!

Air Ambulance
John, G8DET (left), Steve, Martyn, G1EFL, Brian, G3CVI (Treasurer), Colin, G0TRM and David, G3SVI Publicity.
Myra, M0MYA is out of camera shot to the right holding the brollies.
Photograph by Nezda using the camera of John, G8DET

Air Ambulance
John, (left), Colin, Steve, Martyn, G1EFL and Brian, G3CVI (Treasurer).
Photograph by Nezda using the camera of Colin, G0TRM

Air Ambulance
Cockpit on the twin engined, twin seater helicopter.
Photographs by Colin, G0TRM

Air Ambulance
Close-up of the controls.

Air Ambulance
Limited space the Paramedic plus the patient has to squeeze into.

The Air Ambulance - A wonderful facilty which really does save lives and one cannot put a price on that.

Thank you Nezda for arranging the Photo-Shoot and Steve for telling us about the helicopter.

Thank you Martyn for suggesting the Chelmsford Award and supervising it's success.

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