CARS Christmas Party, 2002.

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The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society held their annual Christmas Dinner in The Anchor public house, Danbury near Chelmsford on Friday, 13th December, 2002.

It was organised by Ken, G7RFT and 33 Members and Partners attended. The evening was wet to begin with but cleared up to enable everyone to make it up Danbury Hill.

We were welcomed by Ken into the warm, cheery, heavily decorated interior. After drinks from the bar we took our places at the designated seats.

Grace was said by Tony, G4YTG and we were served our starters. We were then given a Lemon Sorbet course to "clean our palettes".

The main course was served with lashings of hot vegetables.

To ensure a Radio flair to the evening, John, G8DET issued everyone with a quiz sheet showing the scrambled letters of countries around the world. The aim was to find the countries and to give their typical radio Call Sign prefixes. Geoff, G3EDM was the winner with one more point than maximum!.

The Sweet was served followed by coffee.

During the proceedings, Harry, G5HF read out a humorous poem he had written featuring the Chairman, John, G8DET which was very well received.


Geoff, G3EDM holding the World Map with his Wife, Sylvia

Party picture 1

From left to right:- Phyllis, Betty, Ken, Ela, Margaret,
Dr Geoff Bowles - Guest of Honour and his Wife, Helen,
Julie, Brian, Jill, David & Geoff

Party picture 2

From left to right:- Julie, Brian, Jill, David, Geoff, Phyllis,
Betty, Ken, Ela, Margaret, & Harry


From left to right:- Pauline, June, Jean & Joan            

Party 3

From left to right:- Jean, Joan, Beryl, Valerie, Sylvia,
Murray, George, & Ken the organiser

Party 4

From Left to right:- Charles, Ronnie, Fred, George, Ken,
Tony standing, Joan, Beryl, Martyn, Valerie

Colin, G0TRM & Joan

From left to right:- Joan & Colin, G0TRM

Tony, G4YTG

Tony, G4YTG who entertained the party      
to a good sing song                  

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