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CARS Meetings October to December 2010

28th August 2011 Added the December Meeting.  .

We were GO for the December presentation in spite of the very cold weather.

Mark Haynes, M0DXR travelled from Harlow to present a very interesting talk on Contesting.

He explained his routes into contesting and how as a youngster it is/was an attraction. We were told what contests are all about, how to take part with a large or small station, and how to strive for a winning spot in the results table.

Mark Haynes presentation
Mark presenting his excellent talk on Contesting
Although the room looks empty it was filled with a surprising number of Members who braved the snow and ice.

Mark also played some audio clips that demonstrated some of the better ways to conduct a Contest. Overall, the message is that there is so much more to contesting than simply picking up the mic!

First licensed in '96 as 2E1ERN, later 2E0APH, then M0DXR in 2000, Mark was Winner Young Amateur of the Year 1999 and is Chairman of Harlow & District ARS. He was Founder of Contest University UK, and has operated from many DXCCs including Comoros D68C, Maldives 8Q7XR & 8Q7ZZ, Kerguelen FT5XO.

Even if Contesting was "not for you" it proved to be an absorbing evening of how it is done and what results are possible.

During the refreshment break Members were able to sample a warm (or cold) Mince pie or Shortcut biscuit - these went down well.

After the break Mark contininued his presentation and projected a tour of K3LR's station which although completely over the top showed what can be acheived.

Thank you very much Mark - a superb presentation.

CARS had its now famous Raffle with at least 10 prizes.

October's Meeting
The Annual General Meeting by CARS Members

It is time for the AGM again - is it that as one grows older the year goes quicker?

John opened the meeting by projecting onto the screen the Agenda as prepared by Colin, G0TRM.   John then invited Carl to arrange the presentation of Certificates.

Unfortunately Ken, G0OSI was not present to receive his - maybe next time.
Certificates were then awarded to the winners of the Constructor’s Competition

Third Prize to Colin, G0TRM for his Dame Nellie Melba Microphone

Harry presenting Colin with his Certificate.

Second Prize to Patrick, M0XAP for his 25 Watt, 807 driven AM Transmitter

Harry presenting Patrick with his Certificate.

First Prize and the Anthony Martin, M1FDE Shield being awarded to Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY for his expert conversion of a Pye Cambridge to HF to work a 200ft Kite Aerial.

Harry presenting Peter with the Anthony Martin Shield.

Special First Time Winners Award to Andy, G1GKN for his PIC based Inductance/Capacitance Bridge

Amateur of the Year Award.
Carl then announced that the Amateur of the Year for 2010 was Colin Page, G0TRM - much to Colin's surprise.

Carl, G3PEM announcing the winner of the "Amateur of the Year Award".
President, Harry is seen here presenting Colin with the Trophy and Carl is looking on.

Another shot of the Amateur of the Year, Colin, G0TRM.
Photograph taken by CARS Vice-President, Geoff, G3EDM

Annual General Meeting - 2010

Opening the AGM, Chairman John, G8DET said that each year he worries “How can we equal that” – this year must have been the busiest since the Society was formed in 1936.

Chairman John, G8DET opening the AGM.
Photo by Gwyn, G4FKH

These were received from John Yates, G1UZD, Trevor, M5AKA and Geoff, G7KLV.

John read the Minutes/Report from the 2009/2010 AGM which the audience agreed was a fair account.
Proposed by Mark, M0IEO.
Seconded by Martyn, G1EFL.

Chairman’s Report.
This also incorporates the Secretary’s Report as we do not have a Secretary as such.
Last year I said “How can we equal that” – for 2008 to 2009.   Well 2009 to 2010 was not quite as busy but very successful.
We are still here at Beehive Lane – but for how much longer is anyone’s guess – as you can see they are building closer every month.

I would like to echo my "Thanks to Colin, G0TRM for providing the Sound Amplifier at each and every CARS Meeting.   It is taken for granted but without it we would not hear what was going on.   He also Records each Meeting which is a great help to who has the job of writing up the Meeting for the Newsletter and Web Site.   Please join me and show your Appreciation."   A Clap of Appreciation rose to fill the hall.

We have been using much of the equipment bought with the Awards for All Lottery Fund.   We have also given Dr Bowles a Video/DVD Player at Sandford Mill to team up with a couple of TV sets they were donated.

Our 2009 Christmas Lunch was well attended in December and will be repeated this year on Sat, 4th.December – but this time at the Glades Restaurant by Tesco in Chelmsford.

I will remind you of the Meetings we had during the past year starting with November 2009.
November 2009 CARS Member Gwyn Williams, G4FKH brought along his Flex 5000 and Computer and with that another couple of car loads of kit. Very good presentation which demonstrated the way Amateur Radio is going with SDR.

December 2009   This was Multi TX Direction Finding by Roy Emery from Colchester.   If you remember Roy was promoting Micro DF.

January was scheduled to be The London Underground by another CARS Member, Mark, M0IEO but had to be cancelled due to the appalling weather. We had a Net Night instead.

February – Justin came and showed us his latest development of 2 and 4 Metre Aerials.

March - Mark was able to slot-in his London Underground presentation which concluded with a Mouse story – remember that – he had a real mouse in his computer.
March - Mark, M0IEO, Martyn, G1EFL, Gwyn, G4FKH and myself went to the RSGB AGM at Bedford where we were presented with the “Club of the Year Award”. The Awards are on show here.

April - Along with the Essex Chronicle we delved into the Secret World of the Direction Finding Stations around Chelmsford.   Stan Ames, G4OAV got some very good feedback from us.
April also gave us IMD at Sandford Mill where we used GX0MWT & GB5HF.

May: CARS Member, Peter Bridgeman brought along half of his shack and told us how to breath new life into a 1154 and a 1155 & a CR150.
Patrick & Mark and other CARS Members did the Stock Windmill with Mark & his Caravan assisted by John Blamey.

June was Colin’s Table Top Sale. Plenty of people on a nice eveing.
June was also NFD using CW from Sandford Mill. No-one ate the BBQ.
June was a big event from Oaklands Museum were we commemorated Dame Nellie Melba coming to Chelmsford in 1920 to sing on the Wireless was the first time.   The problem encountered was a high receive noise which Brian & Tony, G4YTG have now found out was coming from the Gas Water/Heating outshed.   It is a very local noise but just where we decided to erect out Aerial – Win some – Loose some.
Then Mark brought his lovely Caravan again to the back of BAE Systems where we were nearer to where the great Dame sang 90 years before.

July was the Constructors Competition – organised by CARS Member Carl, G3PEM.

August: Murray told us what not to buy in the way of Digital TVs and Radios and what to expect in the near furure.   Did you all get the latest update from Murray yesterday? - Yes was the chorus.
August this year we were not at Sandford Mill on Sunday Afternoons.

September - Peter Best, G8BLS came from Ipswich and updated us about the Radio Conditions in Holland during WWII with Operation Market Garden.   He concluded that there were Germans there when they were not supposed to be and that no one had told the Planners that Holland was built on a giant Sand Pit.

September – Also saw Science and Discovery Day at Sandford Mill where Colin assisted by Peter Meadows provided a wonderful experience for young children with the Mechanical Morse.
Operating - CARS - Murray, G6JYB organise Special, Special Call-Sign with GB75CH & GX0MW for Battle of Britain at BAE Systems, Great Baddow using the 365 foot Tower.

Don’t forget that CARS is Operating GB100MWT from Sandford Mill on Sunday, 17th October – up to 1.30pm with Morse and then SSB for the remainder of the day. Commemorating the Centenary of the First Attempted Crossing of the Atlantic in an Airship with Marconi Wireless.

I propose a “Vote of Thanks” to all who have made this year so successful – Clap.

John Yates has done a great Job with the Programme of Meetings – Vote with a Clap.

I have Edited the Newsletter and run the Website – both assisted by Murray, G6JYB. Thanks to Murray.

Geoff, G7KLV has folded, stamped & posted the Letter Versions of the NL - we are down to about 35 now with the rest going E-Mail.   If you have gone Broadband during the year and would like Electronic E-Mail Newsletter & CARS bits – tell Geoff, G7KLV. His E-Mail address is on the front of every Newsletter.

Now the Membership/Treasurer’s Report.

Membership/Treasurer’s Report.
Brian said that we had 120 paid-up Members which was very good and thanked everyone for their support.

Brian said he had a list of equipment which CARS owns - see Gwyn, G4FKH.

Financially we were quite healthy with “£xxx Income over Expenses”, even excluding the Lottery Award and proposed that the Subscription should remain the same at £12 per year.
Proposed by Martyn, G1EFL.
Seconded by Gwyn, G4FKH.

Training Report.
CARS Training Manager, Clive, G1EUC said that he would sit as he was not long out of hospital having had a series of operations on his knee.

Clive, G1EUC presenting the Training Officers Report.

This year had been another good year.   The first Foundation Course had 11 Passes - they all went forward to the Intermediate Course and all passed that - surely this must be a RSGB Record.   All down to a good team.
3 out of the 5 who sat the Advanced Refresher Course passed.

The Training Group missed Anthony, M1FDE who passed away a year ago and Carl, G3PEM (who does attend for time to time). Clive requested anybody who had a few hours to spend to consider joining the Training Group – not necessary training but assisting; making the teas etc.
Murray's Slides do a wonderful job and are used from New Zealand to Canada.

Martyn is the Foundation "King" and Mark is now onboard and has become invaluable and will now lead the Advanced Course.

Support - Bob & Jim - Radio Practical - David, M0BQC is the top Invigilator. &nbs; Stuart helps when there is a need.   David & Myra also assist.

Clive reminded everyone that the Essex Repeater Group AGM was on Thursday, 14th October.

Clive, G1EUC was thanked for organising those to attend the many Courses CARS run.

President’s Report. Harry thanked all the people who worked so hard to make this year so successful.

Harry presenting the President's Report.

Harry, G5HF said that Colin should be congratulated for being awarded Amateur of the Year, well done. He thanked John, G8DET for being Chairman, editing the Newsletter and the Web Site.

Harry then passed the Meeting back to John would disbanded the Committee and asked Harry, as President to Officiate.
Harry asked where anyone would like to be Chairman - noone volunteered so Harry said who Proposes John, G8DET Gwyn, G4FKH. Seconded by Martyn, G1EFL.
The Meeting Voted John back into the job of Chairman.

Committee John said that the 2009/2010 Committee were prepared to stand again be voted in en bloc.
Proposed by George Civil, G0LKY,
Seconded by Denis Lewis, M0FHA. Voted in for another year.

Steve Cocks, G4ZUL – He has resigned from the Committee and as Contest Manager although he still provided Contest information for the Newsletter due to Work, Family and his new commitment of the CW Club which he was involved starting.   I would like to record my thanks for his efforts in running Contests during the past number of years.   Being brutal, CARS is not a Club which has much interest in Contests.   Years ago there was more interest but it has died.   I have brought the Plaque for NFD – Leading 3.5MHz Station as G4VF/P in 1965.

I would like to Propose Peter Bridgeman, G3SUY as a Committee Member and Colin, G0TRM Seconds this.
Would you like to vote Peter to be a Member of the Committee?
Voted in.

Jeremy Barley, M0DUT joined CARS to gain his Amateur Radio Licence to contact either America or Europe when sailing his boat across the Atlantic.   He sailed it down to Portugal a few years ago for the weekend and while there blew up the engine.   Still in Dry Dock.   He now lives near Dunmow which is 25 miles from Chelmsford and another 5 to Danbury and has not got reliable transport so he says he feels it will be better to let someone else take his place.

Please record my thanks to him over a CARS Legal Matter earlier this year.

We wish his accident damage “Gods Speed” with a good settlement against the Police Van which ran into him while on his motorbike.

Harry then took the floor and said that he had been President for many years but from a health point of view felt that he should pass the reigns into someone younger and Proposed Carl, G3PEM.   He had been a Committee Member and Trainer for many years.   Vice-President Geoff, G3EDM Seconded this.
The Meeting Voted that this should take place.

Carl was then passed the President's Ribbon of Office to a great applause.

Harry presented Carl with the Ribbon of Office.
Carl then presented Harry with the Stanley Wood Award.

Carl the said that when Stan Wood died his Widow made a donation to the Society to present someone with the Stan Wood Award and Harry should be the first to receive it.   Applause.
A nice LCD Clock had been selected and engraved : -

"The Stanley Wood Fellowship Award presented to Harry Heap, G5HF for outstanding Service to Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society."

The Stanley Wood Fellowship Award.

Carl then presented Ethel with a bouquet of flowers for her continuos support to CARS and Harry.

CARS Committee for 2010 to 2011.

President Carl Thomson G3PEM
Vice President Charles Shelton G0GJS
Vice President Geoff Mills G3EDM
Chairman John Bowen G8DET
Vice Chairman Martyn Medcalf G1EFL
Treasurer & Membership Brian Thwaites G3CVI
Programme Secretary John Yates G1UZD
Minute Secretary TBA -
Assistant Secretary Colin Page G0TRM
Antenna Manager Tony Gilbey G4YTG
Training Organizer Clive Ward G1EUC
RTL Instructor Murray Niman G6JYB
RTL Instructo Martyn Medcalf G1EFL
QSL Manager Patrick Xavier M0XAP
Publicity Managers Mark Sanderson M0IEO
Publicity Managers (Seconded) Trevor M5AKA
Members James Beatwell 2E1GUA
Members Peter Bridgeman G3SUY
Members David Davis G3SVI
Members Myra Davis M0MYR.

Any other Business. John said that Patrick, M0XAP had proposed that at the last AGM that one week the CARS Net should be 70cm and with that in mind should we purchase a UHF MFJ 269. This was done but no-one had borrowed it to use on 70cm!

A suggestion was made that one meeting next year should be about Batteries

Another suggestion was that xxx, Gyyy should come and give us a talk about IOTA.

AGM was closed at 8.50pm.

After the Refreshment Break and Raffle, John, G8DET presented the Airship America Event.

John presenting the Airship America Event.
Photo taken by Ethel.

After the Presentation, Dick Brocks, a CARS Past President congratulated Harry on being a Past President.

A lovely meeting of one Past President with another Past President.
Dick now works for Motorola in Devon.

A very good evening.

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