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CARS Meetings October - December 2014

Award for All

14th December 2014

Added the December Xmas Social Meeting

October Meeting
Tuesday, 7th October 2014, 7.30-10pm. .
At Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street, CM2 9AQ.
"Annual General Meeting" and
"Ofcom Amateur Licence Changes"

By CARS Members & Murray Niman, G6JYB.

The CARS AGM took place on Tuesday 7th October 2014 - It was standing-room only with the following agenda:

Review of the Year - Two presentations covered:

  • CARS Meetings and activities over the past year - a colourful slideshow by John G8DET - Full Slide Set - 6MB
  • CARS Training and Skill Nights - Slides in PDF

    CARS Training Stats for 2013/4
    Picture courtesy of G8DET

    Awards - David and Myra Davis (G3SVI and M0MYR) were deserving recipients of the CARS 'Amateur of the Year' award for their unstinting support of CARS Events and Training Courses - well done!   Presentations of the 'Constructors Competition' certificates were also made:- 

    Carl G3PEM presenting the Constructors shield/certificate to Peter Bridgeman G3SUY
    Picture courtesy of Colin G0TRM

    Chairman's Report - John Yates G1UZD gave his report for the past year as Chairman.

    Treasurer's Report - Brian Thwaites G3CVI had retired after 25 years. Acting Treasurer Carl G3PEM presented the club's incomings, outgoings and current financial state.  The membership fee was retained at £15 - Reminder: Membership subs are now due - Please see James 2E1GUA "on the door" at the next meeting.

    Election of Committee

    Break and Raffle

    Brief Talk - After the AGM, the CARS meeting had an extra feature.   As recently appointed RSGB Spectrum Chairman, Murray G6JYB was in a position to give attendees an overview and pointers to quite a complex Ofcom 35 page consultation on the proposals to change amateur licences.

    Dave de la Haye, M0MBD, also led a short discussion on whether the GB4FUN callsign might be useful for special events and ideas for new promotional material

    A well-attended meeting with the usual raffle and refreshments.

    November Meeting
    Tuesday, 4th November 2014, 7.30-10pm
    At Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street, CM2 9AQ
    "Essex RAYNET"
    By Roland Taylor, M0BDB

    Roland Taylor M0BDB gave us a talk about who and what Essex RAYNET are and what they do for our hobby, the local community and nationally.  Of particular relevance to us were pictures of the 1953 floods.  The organisation receives no funding other than through donations and members giving up their time (and equipment).

    The equipment used ranges from off-the-shelf Amateur kit to the more custom such as Raspberry Pi and Tiny-Trak APRS beacons.

    A self-contained multi-band station   Batteries, a crossband (2m, 70cm) repeater (yellow box) and some PMR radios
    Left: A self-contained multi-band station in a flight-case
    Right: Batteries, a 2m/70cm crossband repeater (yellow box) and some PMR radios
    Picture courtesy of Roland's presentation

    APRS also plays a vital role in RAYNET events and allows "control" to keep track of the team and, in the case of a bike-ride or fun-run, know where the last participant is. The map below shows a variety of positioning beacons during the course of one event:

    Showing how APRS (positioning) keeps track of everyone
    Showing how APRS (positioning) keeps track of everyone
    Picture courtesy of Roland's presentation

    You can download a PDF of Roland's presentation here. [1.2MB]

    The CARS Raffle being drawn...   Chairman, John G1UZD - there's a raffle ticket being drawn somewhere!
    Left: Chairman, John G1UZD - there's a raffle ticket being drawn somewhere!
    Right: Roland is presented with a CARS mug from our Chairman
    Picture courtesy of John Bowen G8DET

    The usual CARS Raffle took place courtesy of Carl G3PEM and James 2E1GUA.  Refreshments thanks to David G3SVI and Myra M0MYR.

    December Meeting
    Tue 2-Dec-2014, 7.30-10pm
    Oaklands Museum, Moulsham Street
    "CARS Xmas Social"
    By CARS Members

    The December meeting was on Tuesday December 2nd and had a seasonal flavour. This year for a change and instead of having a formal meeting, we incorporated the Xmas meal into a Social Evening, inviting partners with something to nibble on as well. John G8DET and Dave Bolwell, G3JCM turned up with heated trays (with John Roe G4IMS providing a back-up tray) and piled it with Mince Pies to warm up. David G3SVI and Myra, M0MYR provided trays of mixed biscuits to be eaten with the refreshments while Chairman John G1UZD provided Twiglets and a box of Chocolate Fingers.

    Members enjoying the festive fare

    Eric Lawley, G8ADX had made a DVD of Goonhilly and of Poldhu in Cornwall. The Royal Party was shown walking to the transmitting hut under the four huge wooden towers at Poldhu. No-one had seen this photograph before dated 1903 and Tony, G4YTG commented "You cannot stay a Tower" History reports that these all fell down - so now we know! John Yates provided a thought provoking Quiz along the lines of similar Skills Evening ones - thanks to those who supplied the questions - and the finer points to the answers !

    Chairman John Yates addressing the meeting - and Carl G3PEM with the Xmas Raffle prizes

    John G8DET provided 41 linen bags with hidden items in - you had to feel the hidden items and write the answers on a piece of paper. Andy Kersey, G0IBN got 23 which clearly showed that if you were in a building at night and the power went off - follow Andy to safety!

    Tony, G4YTG provided his Electronic Keyboard and tinkled the ivories - Ann Salmon thought it was John's CD Player until she saw Tony at the keyboard - thanks Tony.

    Tony G4YTG provided the festive soundtrack
    Tony G4YTG provided the festive soundtrack

    A good evening was had by those who attended. Unfortunately a number of CARS Members reported in ill - we wish them all a speedy recovery. David who looks after us each Tuesday Evening throughout the year on behalf of Oakland Management was presented with a tray of Shortbread Biscuits organised by David and Myra as well as Christmas/Thanks Card signed by CARS Members.

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