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16th May 2006 Licence Fees, DTI Penalty Ticket Responses Added. Ofcom Feb-2006 Licensing Statement

Licence Fees

This consultation was launched on 12-Apr-2006 and had a deadline of 16-May-2006. From 1st October 2006 Ofcom propose to make Amateur Radio (plus Maritime) licences free of charge provided they are applied for online. If not, a higher 20 charge applies to postal applications, including under-21s and over 75s (ie no discounts)

  • Link: Ofcom Consultation webpage
  • Ofcom Proposal Document - in pdf
  • Preformatted Reply Sheet in MS-Word Format
  • CARS Response - 16-May-2006

  • DTI Consultation on Fixed Penalty On the Spot Fines for Amateurs

    This consultation was launched in Dec-2005 and had a deadline of 31-Mar-2006. Operating amateur radio equipment without a licence or outside the conditions of a licence remains an offence under wireless telegraphy legislation. Depending on the nature of the offence, a warning or official caution may be issued. Subject to a DTI consultation, Ofcom would also be able to use on-the-spot fines in the region of 100 for such offences. Like parking tickets, these would be easier to use/impose as they dont need court action.

    For serious cases of misuse, Ofcom will prosecute, for which the maximum penalty on conviction is a 5,000 fine and/or six months imprisonment. The courts may also order forfeiture of any radio apparatus used in connection with an offence. Note that responses are sent to the DTI and not Ofcom.

  • Link: DTI Penalty Fine Consultation
  • Preformatted Reply Sheet with DTI Questions - MS Word
  • John G8DET Response - 31-Mar-2006
  • CARS Response - 31-Mar-2006

  • Ofcom Amateur Radio Licensing

    Ofcom issued their Consultation Document for the future of Amateur Radio Licensing in the United Kingdom on 26-May-2005, with a final deadline for responses of 5pm on Thursday 18-Aug-2005. This consultation followed a similar line to an earlier one for Maritime licences.

    The original consultation document quite clearly states that Ofcom proposes to reform Amateur Radio Licensing 'in order to reduce the regulatory burden'.

    Ofcom received 1466 responses directly to this plus 1572 replies to a related MORI survey. Following a long period in which it analysed all the responses, on 14-Feb-2006 (Valentines Day) Ofcom released its statement on the way forward. This signalled that the licence process would move from the annual RLC postal one to effectively a five-year online electronic one directly administered by Ofcom. The new system is expected to come into being on Oct-1st 2006.

    All amateurs are urged to carefully read Ofcom's final statement. Note that issues related to detailed implementation, enforcement, and Licence and NoV charges, remain the topic of ongoing work and consultation.

    Click on the links below to read online. All are small PDFs except where stated.
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  • Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence Original Proposals - issued 26th May 2005
  • RSGB Objectives and Recommendation - issued July 2005
  • CARS Commentary / Guidance Notes - issued 18-July 2005
  • Response by Murray G6JYB: Draft , Final
  • CARS August 2005 Newsletter - Special 'Ofcom' Edition
  • RSGB Question and Answer Guide - issued 20th July 2005
  • G6JYB Question and Answer Presentation - issued 2nd Aug 2005
  • Preformatted Response Sheet with the Ofcom Questions for your reply - MS-Word - 16KB
  • CARS Training Team Submission - issued 18th Aug 2005
  • Ofcom's Final Decision & Statement - issued 14th Feb 2006

  • Thank You to all who replied!

  • Link: Ofcom Amateur Consulation Page inc responses from individual Amateurs

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