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Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum - Sandford Mill
Centenary of New Street, June 2012

10th October 2012 Added the reports and photos for the Centenary day at Sandford Mill.

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GB100MWT from Sandford Mill on Saturday, 23rd June 2012

23rd June at Sandford Mill
Advert for Saturday, 23rd June at Sandford Mill.

23rd June at Sandford Mill 23rd June at Sandford Mill
Display about CARS set up by David, G3SVI and Myra Davis, M0MYR and Peter, G3SUY listening to a Test QSO.

23rd June at Sandford Mill
Peter's Marconi 1154 TX and 1155 RX
Note the DF Aerial to the right.
Dr G Bowles, Keeper of the Chelmsford Science and Industry Museum invited CARS to operate a CW and a restored Marconi T1154 transmitter and R1155 receiver AM station from Sandford Mill, Chelmsford on Saturday, 23rd of June from 10am to 5pm where the public could see wireless equipment typical of the 1912’s through to more modern times.

CARS Members operated the AM, T1154/R1155 from the Marconi Hut using the lower section of the 80m Band.   The equipment, which was restored by Peter Bridgeman G3SUY, used the CARS 80Metre doublet suspended over a water course.   Some 80,000 of these sets were produced during WWII but very few are in operational use today.

The CW station was run by Gwyn Williams, G4FKH from Dr Bowles outer office upstairs using an Aerial designed, made and by erected by Tony Gilbey, G4YTG.

Both stations used the special Call-sign GB100MWT for "Marconi's Wireless Telegraph".

At 11.30am and 2.30pm there was be an "Open Forum" chaired by John Yates, G1UZD to encourage ex Marconi and ex RAF persons to share their stories about this great Company.

CARS Member Peter Watkins, M0BHY explained the new Radio Rooms opposite the Marconi Hut.

A special QSL Card designed by John Yates, G1UZD will be available to all who request one "over the Air", by the RSGB Bureau or on receipt of a SAE Direct.

Sample of the special QSL Card for this event.

There was a table with CARS merchanising for sale run by Martyn, G1EFL and his Wife Val.

The new book written by Tim Wander, G6GUX "Marconi's New Street Works, 1912 - 2012" was also on sale at a special price.   A number of CARS Members and Marconi Veterans feature in it.

Light refreshments were available.

It was FREE to park and enter - Marconi and RAF persons were in attendance - about 400 persons attended.

A very interesting day was had and the weather was warm and dry for most of the time with just a few spots about 4pm.

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