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Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum - Sandford Mill
Commemorating Marconi's Birthday - April 2013

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CARS Operating GX0MWT
Saturday, 27th April.
"Commemorating Marconi's Birthday - 25th April 1874"
Organised by City of Chelmsford Council.

CARS were operating GX0MWT using HF, CW and SSB from Sandford Mill, Science and Industry Museum.
The Museum was open to the general Public and a great number attended.   Although the weather report suggested rain showers none came until all the Public had left - a nice day was enjoyed by all.

The Radio Officers Association arrived by coach and the Mayor of Chelmsford, Mr Christopher Kingsley turned up at 2pm.   His first duty was to unveil a beautiful model of Marconi's Stream Launch Elettra made by Peter Watkins, M0BHYwhich took nearly 3 years to make.   Marconi purchesed the Yacht in 1919 and used it as a mobile wireless laboratory.

Sandford Mill
Dr Bowles, Keeper of the Science and Industry Museum introducing Professor Brian Cotton,
Life President of the Radio Officers Assocciation to the Mayor of Chelmsford, Christopher Kingsley and the Mayoress.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
Peter Watkins, M0BHY behind the Mayor as he unveils the model of the Elettra.

Sandford Mill
Mayor and Mayoress at the end of the Marconi Hut with Kathryn (daughter of Pete M0PSX and Sarah M6PSK), with her doll.
Behind are Carl Thomson, G3PEM, President of CARS and Dr Bowles, Keeper of the Museum.

Sandford Mill
Mayor leaving the Marconi Hut having looked at the CARS SSB Team in action.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
(Left) John Yates, G1UZD logging and Vice President, Geoff Mills,G3EDM on the microphone.
(Right) Patrick, M0XAP logging and John on the microphone.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
(Left) Madi on the Morse Key receiving instruction from Andrew Kersey, G0IBN.   Photo by kind permission.
(Right) Ian Channing, ROA looking at Rick operating and in a QSO with Japan.
Behind is Dave Ellis, G4AJY who has been a strength looking after Charles Shelton, G0GJS - now a SK.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
(Left) David Davis, G3SVI (tall Amateur) at the Mechanical Morse display table.
(Right) Colin Page, G0TRM explaining to two visitors the display of Mordse Keys.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
(Left) ROA Archivist, Willie Williamson on the Morse key discussing the finer point of sending Morse with Andrew Kersey.
(Right) ROA and CARS Member, Dave Ellis, G4AJY in QSO with ROA David Barlow, GB2LD of the Lizard Radio Station on 7.008MHz.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
(Left) A ROA Member resting at the end of the Marconi Hut.
(Right) Irish ROA Member Tom Frawley, EI3ER looking at a Memorial display of a past ROA Member.
Tom had just been in a SSB QSO with David Barlow, GB2LD of the Lizard Radio Station on 7.114MHz.
Tom is also the Chairman of the Radio Officers Association, Amateur Radio Section.

To complete the successful day the Military Vehicle Group brought along 2 3 Ton Army Lorries and a tremendous selection of Military Wireless equipment.   This brought back many memories to the visitors - great to see them there.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
Lovely display of the lorries which were in better condition than they would have been 50 years ago!

Below is a number of photographs taken during the preparation on the previous Friday.

Sandford Mill
Peter Watkins, M0BHY with the model he has built of Elettra.

Sandford Mill
Colin Page, G0TRM behind his Mechanical Morse station which is such a great attraction.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
Geoff Lovegrove, demonstrating Amplitude Modulation at the Transmitter Station.   This is then sent to the Receiver, below.

Sandford Mill
Geoff by the Receiver where the De-Modulated signal can be seen.   A lovely working piece of equipment designed and made by Geoff.

Sandford Mill Sandford Mill
Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV standing near his Ship DF Set-up to demonstrate how the position of a ship can be found using two bearings.
This again was designed and made by Geoff.

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