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Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum - Sandford Mill
August 2012 Sunday Afternoons


Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum has a series of Open Sunday afternoons during August most years, although due to Staffing difficulties, not 2010.   CARS was invited to provide an Amateur Radio Station this year on the 5th,12th and the 19th.

Sandford Mill - Sunday Afternoons - 5th, 12th and 19th August

The 19th August was also Open Afternoon to the Public at Sandford Mill and CARS had a SSB Station working from the Marconi Hut while the CW Team will operate (Morse) from upstairs Dr Bowles outer office.

Free to enter and park and there will be plenty to see inside out of the "winter rains".

It was Open from 2pm to 5pm and as always Friends of the Museum will privide hosting, interest and light refreshments.
Competition from the V Festival at Hylands took 95,000 persons out of circulation of which a number had to look after Grandchildren as the parents attended the pop festival.
The Sunday was very hot at 29 degrees C at Sandford Mill so a number of CARS Members went for a boat ride.

View of Sandford Mill from the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation Canal Barnes Lock
View of Sandford Mill from the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation Canal (cut) - Barnes Lock where the boat turned.
Photos by John G8DET

The SSB Team with Brian, G3CVI logging and John Yates, G1UZD on the microphone.   Adrian M0ABY from Wheathampstead is looking on.
Right, Gwyn, G4FKH seated at the computer and in contact with the East coast of the USA using CW (Morse).
Steve, G4ZUL was present after spending the previous day at the Tollesbury Lightship but off camera.

7MHz, SSB proved to have a good propagation link with Germany and DL, DK stations were worked with ease.

CW Team.   On the 12th Aug we did very little, put down to there being a big contest on the 14MHz band.   However, on the 19th (no contests on the band) we enjoyed ourselves with huge pile-ups.   In all we worked 131 QSO's, 30 countries, including; all around Europe and the USSR.
DX of note - 4Z4, K0, US0, N7, WB8, VE3 and JA1.

We are all looking forward to the 30th Sept. now.   Report by Gwyn, G4FKH.

Entrance with the drawings of New Street 1912 and the Titanic Display, also from 1912.
Photos by John G8DET

August Meeting August Meeting
CARS Information provided by David G3SVI & Myra Davis M0MYR - Model ship produced to demonstrate Direction Finding by Geoff Lovegrove, G7KLV.

The CW Team with young visitor Jack being taught Morse - Jack now with the SSB Team, Adrian M0ABY from Wheathampstead and Brian, G3CVI.
Photos of Jack reproduced by kind permission of his Mother.

CARS Chairman John G8DET having his first outing with Right Leg Bypass in plastic tubing and Vice-President Charles G0GJS holding a 1940 Morse Key.
Photo of John by Charles, G0GJS

Other CARS Members were onsite operating including John Yates, G1UZD and James Beatwell, 2E1GUA.

The Light Refreshment Bar did good trade but the Olympics reduced visitor numbers a little.
Those that did come enjoyed the experience.

The Next Open Sunday is August the 19th when there should be boat rides - but please note - NOT the 26th, Bank Holiday.

Thanks to Dr Bowles for his usual hospitality and Friends of the Museum for their continued work.

See you there?

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