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Heritage Days 2014

12th September 2014 Heritage Days Added the reports and photos for the Event.

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Introduction to Heritage Days - September 2014

Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum had two Open Heritage Days in September which James, 2E1GUA noticed and arranged for CARS to be in attendence and operating from the Marconi Hut and Dr Bowles's Outer Office.
Members of the public were free to visit to there was no special events laid on for them - simply the opportunity to visit was wonderful Industrial Museum.


On Thursday 11th and Friday 12th September, CARS members operated from the Sandford Mill Museum with our GB100MWT callsign.   Operations from the 2MT Hut were on 40m SSB which saw a number of inter-G QSOs plus several into DL and PA land.   Our callsign generally attracts a good pile-up so not only do we get some good numbers but it's a great way to improve one's operating skills as you try to pick-out the callsigns from the "wall of noise" when calling QRZ!   Club chairman, John G1UZD and James 2E1GUA did most of the operating and managed to keep order despite a huge volume of callers.

September Meeting September Meeting
CARS Chairman John Yates, G1UZD and JamesBeatwell, 2E1GUA.

Thursday also had some CW courtesy of Andrew G0IBN and David G4AJY but a solar-flare and what turned to be an intermittent "smart-tuner" caused operations to cease early.

September Meeting
Photograph of Charlie's Digimode operation from Dr Bowles's Outer Office.

Friday saw a different approach to the higher HF bands and once a visit to the roof was made to fix the auto-tuner, Charlie M0PZT got to work with his FT-857 and digimodes kit to operate PSK and RTTY. With just 35 watts a range of contacts were made on 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m using the roof-mounted 20m Delta-Loop.

September Meeting
Visual presentation of the contacts made - well done to everyone involved.

On Saturday 13th we made the move to Oaklands Museum which is usually a great PR opportunity for the Club as well as Amateur Radio in general.

Situated just inside the foyer, we had the FT-847 running into a Dipole that was expertly catapulted into a nearby tree courtesy of Tony G4YTG.   Despite a rather high noise-floor we made some QSOs, chatted with interested members of the public and morale was boosted thanks to the arrival of Richard M0CLZ and Dorothy 2E0NCE who very kindly brought us some doughnuts.

September Meeting
CARS Chairman John Yates, G1UZD operating at Oaklands.
Note the publicity material provided by David Davis G3SVI and Myra, M0MYR.

Our final outing for this year is Science Discovery Day at Sandford Mill on Sunday 28th September 10am-5pm.   We'll be running CW, SSB, Datamodes and perhaps enjoying a boat-ride if the weather is nice.

Everyone is welcome - Hope to see you there!

Thank you Charlie, M0PZT for the report and photographs.

Thanks to Dr Bowles for his usual hospitality and Friends of the Museum for their continued work and to Nick Wickingham for the opportunity to operate from Oaklands Museum.

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