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Science & Discovery Day - September 2014


The Chelmsford Science & Industry Museum at Sandford Mill invited CARS to provide live Amateur Radio Stations on the 28th September 2014 to promote Science & Discovery Day.  The day turned out to be perfect weather-wise: Sunshine and very little cloud meant that temperatures were over 20° C for much of the day.

CARS is fortunate to have use of the original Marconi 2MT Hut which houses a collection of vintage Marconi and Eddystone radio equipment. Our more modern Yaesu FT-847 sits in the centre and is connected to an 80m Doublet which hangs about 35 feet above the River Chelmer.

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    The 2MT Hut
    Picture courtesy of Charlie Davy M0PZT

    Science & Discovery Day - 28th Sep-2014

    Our chairman, John Yates G1UZD, got stuck in at 10am with 40m SSB being the band of choice. Assistance and PR duties came from the ever-organized David G3SVI and Myra M0MYR.  It got busy very quickly with not only members of the public interested in our radio activities but also a wall-of-sound on our 40m frequency every time we called "QRZ?".  Our GB100MWT callsign proved quite a catch for those lucky enough to work us.

    40m, with Oliver M0WAG operating and John G1UZD logging
    Picture courtesy of Charlie Davy M0PZT

    Making the trip all the way from Nuneaton was Ben M0GKY, a former Chelmsford resident (and CARS trainee) who managed to work through some of the "pile-up" on 40m SSB. Note the small box in front of the computer monitor: This is our new audio splitter that lets us split the audio from the radio 4 ways - this ensures that the operator+logger can comfortably hear as well as providing the visitors with some audio thanks to a set of speakers on the opposite side of the table.

    More 40m activities, this time it's Ben M0GKY in the hot-seat
    Picture courtesy of Charlie Davy M0PZT

    Upstairs, Colin G0TRM had his display of Morse keys, paddles and practice oscillators on show plus the Morse Code Ticker-Tape Machine which always proves to be a popular attraction.  Colin was kept busy for most of the day and with almost 50 Morse keys/paddles to try - it certainly got noisy!

    Upstairs with the Morse Keys - before the crowd arrived!
    Picture courtesy of Colin Page G0TRM

    Colin G0TRM talking to visitor Reg Kindley
    Picture courtesy of John Bowen G8DET

    With the excellent weather and the wonderful attractions at the museum, over 600 people visited on the day - Our thanks to the Friends and Volunteers of Sandford Mill and Dr Geoff Bowles for their hospitality.

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