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1941 Conventionette

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society has a rich history....
Society activities were affected by WW2 but continued and the following is from District-14 reports in the RSGB T&R Bulletin.

Originally planned for 1940 but postponed...

Bulletin 1940#6: Owing to the latest crisis and seven-day week, affecting many of those who would otherwise have attended the Eastern Counties Provincial District Meeting at Chelmsford on June 2, it was reluctantly decided to postpone this function until a more suitable opportunity arises. although several applications were received, only one sent the necessary 5s.!

G5RV thanks all those who helped with the arrangements, especially G6LB who took over while he was away on a Government job.

But in July 1941...

Bulletin 1941#7: Several members have promised to attend the modified “Conventionette” announced in this issue - as per the lefthand copy of the advert/calling notice on p28.

1941#8 D14 Eastern. Chelmsford: The District Conventionette held on July 27 was a great success, very largely due to the splendid efforts of many members in the Services who in most cases made long journeys to attend. Thirty-one callsigns were entered in the meeting record. G6CL made the journey from London and gave us a resume of the Society's wartime programme and affairs. G6LL (Hon. Editor) gave us some interesting information whilst 6LB, the D.R.'s (District Representative) right-hand, very efficiently ran the morse competition for which he offered a prize. This was won at 22 w.p.m. By Mr. L.H. Manning G4BG of Chelmsford. Telegraphist Beardow G3FT kindly undertook the job of pounding the brass for the event.

We were delighted to see P/O Jimmy Watson and XYL, while W/O “Tiny” Tremaine PB kept us all in order.

To Mrs Cheyne, the good landlady of the Spotted Dog Hotel, we express our sincere thanks for her kindness and hospitality.

The following were present: G2RD, 2SA, 2ZJ, 3FT, 3OX, 4BG, 4GT, 5CA, 5GJ, 5HF, 5RV, 6CT, 6DH, 6CL, 6LB, 6LL, 8AB, 8CK, 8JI, GM8MQ, 8PB, 8PP, 2BQC, 2CQI, 2DBL, 2DUJ, 2DXI, 2FXM, 2HGU, BRS3650 and 4122. (It is hoped to publish a group photograph in our next issue – Ed.)

G5RV and 6LB recently had the great pleasure of entertaining Sgt, Pat Crisp D.F.M. G6DX (ex-VU2AB, ex-YI6PC), during a short visit to the town. 6DX has 75 operational flights over Germany to his credit, and in addition to being a 100 percent ham is undoubtedly a most efficient W/Operator Air Gunner.

G3JW recently of Brentwood writes to say he has left the district and is somewhere in Devon.

The 1941 Chelmsford Provincial District Meeting - from the Sep-1941 edition, p110

1941#9 D14 Eastern. Chelmsford: G6LB has spent a pleasant holiday, together with XYL, chez 6LL. 5SY was also present to yarn of the “good old days on the air”. 2SA keeps busy and listens when business and H.G. (Home Guard) duties permit. 5HF spends his time thinking up new gadgets and bright ideas. 5RV has made a novel auto-remote control for the BCL set incorporating a time switch which puts the receiver on at any predetermined time in the morning. He says its nicer than being jerked into wakefulness by an alarm clock … psychologists please note. 8PB, 5CA, 4GF, BRS3650 and 4122 are “going to it”. 6LB will be in the chair at the September meeting as 5RV will be in hospital getting rid of a pair of very troublesome tonsils.

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