Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

International Marconi Day - 2005

IMD Weekend
Sat 25-Apr-2005
Sandford Mill, CM2 6NY
"CARS Operating GX0MWT"
CARS Members

International Marconi Day commemorates Marconi's Birthday on 25th April 1874, and is held on the nearest Saturday. CARS were registered as one of the many Award Stations and operating as GX0MWT. This year it falls on 23rd April 2005 - the 131st anniversary. An IMD award can be claimed if you work 15 award stations.

The event also featured the first view of the donation of the Donald Imber G0VIS collection, in conjunction with his family and the Radio Officers Association.

Some local press highlights are below:-

IMD in Essex Chronicle - with Colin Page G0TRM and Geoff Mills G3EDM

Basildon Yellow Advertiser - with Brian Thwaites G3CVI

Chelmsford Weekly News - featured the Donald Imber family and the donation of his maritime collection

The week was a busy one...
John Bowen G8DET also featured in the Essex Chronicle for his other work with the Danbury Society:-

Essex Chronicle: John Bowen G8DET

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